Plan for your safety

If you have surfed this and/or other websites you will have left a trail that allows others to see which websites you have visited. You may have a need to cover your Internet tracks. 

The process for doing this varies with each website browser, and of course as time goes on new browsers are released which requires a different set of directions. This website has some good information on how to erase your browsing history. If you do not see your browser here, a quick Google search for "how to erase my browsing history on X" where X is the browser you're using should turn up the exact instructions you need.

If you want to leave this site quickly, please click here.

Cover your email tracks:

  1. Be sure to delete any outgoing and incoming emails.
  2. Change your email password often (at least once a month).
  3. Print all threatening and harassing emails to use as evidence of criminal activity.