In 2021-2022, we continued with strategies and efforts to support clinicians across the province with virtual education opportunities, which are detailed in the report below. Although we all miss being together in person, virtual education has increased our ability to reach as many clinicians as possible. We maintained the provincial Navigation Line as a resource for patients/service providers seeking access to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre (SA/DVTC) services. The Network also aimed to expand support for the provision of care locally, with a focus on communities supported by nursing stations in Northern Ontario. In addition, the Network launched the first of-its-kind database for quality assurance purposes and reporting. The Network continues to enhance service delivery across all 37 treatment centres. Our clinicians provide care that reflects their unique skill sets, expertise, and further learning in the SA/DV care field. 

This annual report highlights many of the Network’s activities for 2021-2022, including the continued impact of the pandemic and our response to ensure timely and comprehensive client care, ongoing staff education, support for clinicians, and the launch of the Network's first-of-a-kind database! 

Our 2021-2022 Annual Report is available for download here.