Individuals who have been seen through the acute/non-acute service are prioritized for counselling services. When possible, referrals are also accepted from within the community. Counselling services are provided at no cost. Services vary between Centres. 

During the counselling process, therapeutic support and psycho-education are provided to explore the impacts of violence and trauma, and to enhance strategies for coping. Counselling services are provided from within a feminist, anti-oppressive, trauma-specialized, client-centered framework in which the victim/survivor and therapist work collaboratively around the issues brought to therapy. We recognize and respect that individuals are the experts of their own lives. We also recognize the well-developed skills and strengths of each victim/survivor for survival, growth, and change.

In response to victim/survivors’ identified needs during counselling, and also to ensure needs continue to be met following the conclusion of service, we provide referrals to community agencies or other programs. We also engage in advocacy (within limits), as needed. Counselling services are provided within professional confidentiality limitations.